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My aunt and uncle are the two dark skinned ones of the four siblings and unsurprisingly they are the two most vocal ones about hating being Mexican. My uncle changed his last name from mancillas to slik and refuses to date Mexican girls. My aunt always thought I was so perfect and beautiful bc I'm light skinned/ white passing. She would even proudly say that I was white washed like it was something to be proud of? Idk they grew up in the US in the 50s and 60s having seen no representation


thats sad :/ -e

Real sad and pathetic

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re: cat calling/street harassment 

"Just an average white guy" claims that feminism is illogical. wow. many surprise. much typical.
Just wondering, why don't you like MFP?



1. Calorie counting is almost never healthy.

2. It “rates” food. An apple is an A, a pizza is a C, chocolate pie is a D, etc.. This is a really big problem for me (and anyone else who wants to have a healthy relationship with food) because it is literally labeling foods as “good” and “bad.” Yeah sure, an apple is healthier than chocolate pie, but pie isn’t a damn D. It’s just pie. You don’t automatically become unhealthy from eating pie. You do not fail your body by eating pie. Pie is delicious, and eating a slice of pie never hurt anyone. One piece of pie never made anyone fat. But no, according to MyFitnessPal, you get a failing grade for treating yourself to pie even ONCE.

3. It sets unrealistic calorie goals. An adult person should not be limited to 1200 calories. Ever. That’s the recommended amount for an inactive 6 yr old. That’s a starvation diet. There are anorexics who eat more than that. (Example: me.)

4. You get negative feedback for going over the extremely restrictive calorie goal, but you get positive feedback for staying under. The little numbers stay green and you get a message saying “so-and-so completed their diet journal and stayed under their calorie goal!” That’s such BS. That’s encouraging people to eat less.

5. They have a pop-up that warns you not to put yourself in starvation mode by eating too little. When does this pop-up show up? Oh, it only shows up when it is calculating your projected weight loss! Duh! Why is that so terrible? Because it literally shows you dramatic weight loss you could get by starving, which is often 5-10 lbs more loss than what is projected by a person who does not starve. The conclusion? That you will get to your goals faster by starving, and eating more slows down progress! It’s literally the worst placement of all time.

6. It does not calculate fats or nutrients correctly. You’re better off listening to what your body tells you it needs.

7. It is INFESTED with pro-anas.

There is literally so much wrong with this app I can’t even get through it, it’s just terrible, terrible, terrible. Avoid.

I think it can be good for tracking macros, but for me it was too tedious/obsessive and just didn’t sit right with me

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Oh lol